Serebrovskii, Vladimir

Serebrovskii, Vladimir Ivanovich


Born Nov. 2 (14), 1887, in Moscow; died there Nov. 28, 1971. Soviet jurist and legal scholar. Honored Scientist of the RSFSR (1958), doctor of jurisprudence (1943), and professor (1921).

Beginning in 1920, Serebrovskii taught and did research at the Institute of Soviet Law, the All-Union Academy of Law, and the department of law of Moscow State University. From 1943 to 1965, he was with the Institute of State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.


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Ocherki sovetskogo nasledstvennogo prava. Moscow, 1953.
Voprosy sovetskogo avtorskogo prava. Moscow, 1956.
Pravovaia okhrana nauchnykh otkrytii v SSSR. Moscow, 1960.