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a balneological health resort in Kniazhpodost-skii Raion, Komi ASSR, 40 km from the Kniazh-Pogost railroad station. Summers are moderately warm, with an average July temperature of 16°C, and winters are moderately cold, with an average January temperature of – 15°C. Annual precipitation totals approximately 570 mm.

Therapeutic remedies include mineral springs whose water has the following chemical composition (October spring):

The water is used for baths and, in a diluted form, for drinking. A slightly mineralized water (2.0 g/liter) from the Kliuchik (Small Source) spring is also used for therapeutic purposes. Silt mud from Sol’vychegodsk is used in Seregovo. Musculoskeletal, neural, and gynecologic diseases are treated. The health resort has a sanatorium and a water- and mud-treatment facility. Seregovo is open from June through September.

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