Sergei, Johan Tobias

Sergei, Johan Tobias


Born Aug. 28, 1740, in Stockholm; died there Feb. 26, 1814. Swedish sculptor.

Sergei studied in Stockholm in 1756 and 1757 with P. H. Larchevêque and in Paris beginning in 1758. From 1767 to 1778 he worked in Italy. He was influenced by the French baroque and by classical sculpture; during his mature period, which began in the 1760’s, he became a founder of classicism in 18th-century European sculpture.

Sergei’s works include The Sleeping Faun (marble, 1774, National Museum, Stockholm) and the monument to King Gusta-vus III in Stockholm (bronze, 1790–1808). His sculptures are marked by balance and energy; however, they sometimes lack inspiration. Sergei also made many medallions bearing expressive relief portraits.


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