Sergei Antonov

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Antonov, Sergei Petrovich


Born May 3 (16), 1915, in Petrograd. Soviet Russian writer.

Antonov graduated from the Leningrad Highway Institute in 1938. His first short story, “Spring,” was published in 1947, and he is the author of collections of short stories entitled Trucks Are Moving Along the Highways (1950, awarded the State Prize of the USSR in 1951), Peaceful People (1950), and others. Antonov’s novellas include Lena (1948), Dubenskii Region Chastushkas (1950; film of the same name, 1957), The Pen’kovo Affair (1956; film of the same name, 1958), Empty Run (1960; film of the same name, 1963), Alenka (1960; film of the same name, 1961), Torn Ruble (1966), and Petrovich (1966). Basically devoted to the description of present-day village life, Antonov’s short stories and novellas are distinguished for the sharpness of the moral problems which they raise, their lyrical tone, humor, and the exactness of their verbal characteristics. He has also written a book entitled Letters About a Short Story (1964). Antonov has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor as well as medals.


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Sergei Antonov, Bankrupts and Usurers of Imperial Russia: Debt, Property, and the Law in the Age of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, viii + 387 pp.
Sergei Antonov analyzes relations between creditors (usurers) and debtors operating outside the banking system of the Russian Empire.
Sergei Antonov, a spokesman for the Urals Airlines that the aircraft belongs to, has confirmed the plane's emergency landing but revealed neither the cause of the incident nor any details.
Shanghai Ballet's Peach Blossom Pond, by Yang Yang Lin, showed a softening of a still-recognizable militaristic classicism (think Red Detachment of Women) while the Bolshoi Ballet opened the festival with Sergei Bobrov's Infanta and the Jester, a ploddingly blunt tale taken from an Oscar Wilde short story, with Sergei Antonov as the hapless victim.
Peter's Square, on May 13, 1981, ended on March 29 with the acquittal, for lack of evidence, of Sergei Antonov and his presumed co-conspirators.
The list of nominations in "the most weird event" category also featured the trial against Bulgarian Sergei Antonov, who was arrested after the assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II and held for more than three years in Italy, only to be acquitted over lack of evidence; the suggestion by the late communist leader Todor Zhivkov for Bulgaria to become the sixteenth republic of the USSR; the (un)disclosed files of the former state security, which is believed to have remained quite potent after the fall of the regime.