Sergei Bulich

Bulich, Sergei Konstantinovich


Born Aug. 27 (Sept. 8), 1859, in Kazan; died 1921 in Petrograd. Russian linguist and music historian.

Bulich worked primarily in the field of Russian and Slavic linguistics and also in experimental phonetics. Of greatest importance is his doctoral dissertation “Essay on the History of Linguistics in Russia” (vol. 1, 1904, unfinished), in which rich material is assembled on the history of the study of language in Russia from ancient times up to the early 19th century. He wrote biographical essays about composers of the first Russian love songs (G. N. Teplov, N. A. Titov, A. E. Varlamov) and several works on the role of music in the life of Russian writers and on the significance of their work in the development of Russian music.


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