Sergei Chubarov

Chubarov, Sergei Fedorovich


Born circa 1845 in Penza Province; died Aug. 10 (22), 1879. Russian revolutionary Narodnik (Populist).

Chubarov was of noble birth. He was a student at the Voronezh Cadet Corps in the late 1860’s but did not complete the course of study; he subsequently enrolled as an auditor at Moscow University and then at the Forestry Institute in St. Petersburg. In 1869 he moved to the USA to establish a labor commune. He returned to Russia in 1872 and took up residence in Stavropol’, Samara Province.

Chubarov joined the Southern Rebels group in 1875 and took part in the Chigirin conspiracy. He became a member of V. A. Osinskii’s circle in 1877 and joined a circle of Russian Jacobins in Odessa in 1878. He organized a demonstration to protest the death sentence given to I. M. Koval’skii. On Aug. 5, 1878, in Odessa, Chubarov offered armed resistance to arrest. Sentenced to death by the Odessa military district court, Chubarov, with D. A. Lizogub and others, was hanged in Odessa.


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Shevyrev obligingly began in his gentle tenor, "Yonder stands a mountain high ...," and was soon accompanied by Sergei Chubarov's melodious baritone.
Soon enough, many began to laugh as Sergei Chubarov regaled the gathering with comical anecdotes about village life in Ukraine.