Sergei Danilov

Danilov, Sergei Sergeevich


Born May 23 (June 5), 1901, in St. Petersburg; died Dec. 31, 1959, in Leningrad. Soviet theater critic. Doctor of the arts (1947) and professor (1947).

In 1925, Danilov completed the Higher Courses in the Arts at the State Institute of the History of the Arts in Leningrad (later the Scientific Research Institute for Theater, Music, and Cinematography), where he worked until 1958 (with an interruption). Beginning in 1945 he was also head of the sub-department of the theory and history of prerevolutionary Russian and of Soviet theater at the Leningrad A. N. Os-trovskii Theatrical Institute. He is the author of the monumental work Essays in the History of Russian Dramatic Theater (1948), which covers the dramatic theater from its origin to the Great October Socialist Revolution.


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