Sergei Durylin

Durylin, Sergei Nikolaevich


(pseudonyms: S. Severnyi, S. Raevskii, N. Kutanov, D. Nikolaev, among others). Born Sept. 14 (26), 1877, in Moscow; died there Dec. 14, 1954. Soviet literary scholar, art historian, historian of the theater, and critic. Doctor of philological sciences (1943) and professor (1945).

Durylin graduated from the Archaeological Institute in 1914 and became a teacher. He was the author of many works on the history of the Russian theater and on the history of painting. He also wrote several studies on Russian literature. The main theme of Durylin’s work was the development and consolidation of realism in Russian art. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and various medals.


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