Sergei Golubov

Golubov, Sergei Nikolaevich


Born June 8 (20), 1894. in Saratov; died Feb. 8, 1962, in Moscow. Soviet Russian writer. Participant in the Civil War. First published in 1933.

Golubov’s most noteworthy books are his historical novels: Soldiers’ Glory (1939), about the Caucasian War of 1830; From Spark to Flame (1940). about the Decembrists; Bagration (1943); The Making of an Epoch, about World War I and the establishment of Soviet power; When Fortresses Do Not Surrender, about the defense of Brest Fortress and the feats of D. M. Karbyshev, a Hero of the Soviet Union; and Birds Fly From the Nest, about Khristo Botev. Golubov’s books are based on extensive study of documentary materials.


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