Sergei Kriuchkov

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Kriuchkov, Sergei Efimovich


Born Jan. 10 (22), 1897, in Moscow; died June 25, 1969, in Moscow. Soviet philologist, linguist, and methodologist; one of the creators of modern Russian-language school grammar.

Kriuchkov graduated from the Polivanov Teachers Seminary in 1915 and from the Military Pedagogical Institute in Moscow in 1921. In the 1920’s he worked in schools and other educational institutions in Moscow and Moscow Oblast. In 1932 he began work in pedagogical higher educational institutions, and in 1933 he began teaching at the V. I. Lenin Moscow Pedagogical Institute, where he became a professor in 1954. He wrote many scholarly and scientific-methodological works on problems of Russian orthography and syntax, including standard textbooks and teaching aids for secondary schools and teachers colleges. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and a number of medals, including the K. D. Ushinskii Medal.


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