Sergei Leonidovich Ivanov

Ivanov, Sergei Leonidovich


Born May 10 (22), 1880, in Moscow; died there Aug. 4, 1960. Soviet botanist and biochemist. Doctor of biological sciences (1935); professor (from 1917).

Ivanov graduated from Moscow University in 1903. He taught at various higher educational institutions in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, and Krasnoiarsk and worked at scientific research institutes in Petrograd and Moscow. His main works dealt with vegetable oils. He gave a general scheme of the oleifer-ous process (1906–13) and proposed a new classification of oils (1921). Ivanov also worked on developing the theory of the dependence of the course of biochemical processes in plants on the climate and on the position of the plants on the phylogenetic scale.


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