Sergei Silovich Sinegub

Sinegub, Sergei Silovich


Born Dec. 1 (13), 1851, in the village of Privol’e, in what is now Dnepropetrovsk Oblast; died Oct. 20 (Nov. 2), 1907, in Tomsk. Russian revolutionary: Narodnik (Populist).

Of gentry origin, Sinegub enrolled at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology in 1871 and joined the Chaikovskii circle in 1872. He was one of the first organizers of workers’ circles in St. Petersburg and one of the most active propagandists among workers. Arrested in November 1873, he was sentenced at the Trial of the 193 (1877–78) to nine years at hard labor, which he served in Kara. He began a term of exile in 1881. Sinegub wrote revolutionary poems that appeared in illegally published collections, some under the pen name Verbovchanin and others anonymously. His books include Collection of New Songs and Verses and Out From Behind Bars.


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