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a. (in Britain) a police officer ranking between constable and inspector
b. (in the US) a police officer ranking below a captain
3. a court or municipal officer who has ceremonial duties
4. (formerly) a tenant by military service, not of knightly rank



a military rank in the armed forces of the USSR and many other countries. In Russia the rank of sergeant dates from the 17th century in regiments formed on the West European model and in the Russian Army before 1798. In the USSR the ranks of junior sergeant, sergeant, and senior sergeant were introduced in 1940.

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Sergent spent 15 years working for Johnson & Johnson, and before that with the NFL, traveling extensively.
Doubles top scorers were Enniss and Sergent each with 49/50.
Sergent is expected to participate in the 4,000 meters Individual Pursuit and 4,000 meters Team Pursuit events during the Delhi Games.
La cocasserie provient du contraste entre la severe competence du sergent et la naivete inexperimentee de l'amoureux transi: les deux facettes du personnage coexistent sans jamais coincider.
Mr Sergent and other hotel guests were moved to Playa del Carmen, about 100km south of Cancun, to escape the worst of the hurricane.
Sergent Garcia/``Un Poquito Quema'o'' (Higher Octave World)
The idea behind building homes for workers came from David Arelle Sergent, the 51-year-old owner and president of Grupo Condak, a home builder based in Juarez.
Sergent, 42, was a researcher at the Neurological Institute and a professor of neurology and neurosurgery at McGill University.
When an accomplished pianist reads musical notation and plays the composition on a keyboard, a network of areas throughout the brain springs into action, report psychologist Justine Sergent of McGill University in Montreal and her colleagues in the July 3 SCIENCE.
Contract notice:preventive archaeological excavation, demolition of infrastructure and soil remediation - surgeres, site sergent prolac
Le sergent franco-israelien Elor Azaria, 20 ans, a ete reconnu coupable d'homicide volontaire par un tribunal militaire israelien.