Serlio, Sebastiano

Serlio, Sebastiano

(sā'bästyä`nō sĕr`lyō), 1475–1554, Italian Renaissance architect and theoretician, b. Bologna. He was in Rome from 1514 until the sack in 1527 and worked under Baldassare Peruzzi. Few traces exist of his buildings in Venice, where he lived from 1527 to 1540. Invited to France by Francis I, he appears to have served in an advisory capacity for the construction of the palace at Fontainebleau. He designed several châteaus in France; the only one that has survived, despite alterations, is that of Ancy-le-Franc (c.1546), near Tonnerre in Burgundy. Serlio's major contribution was his treatise on architecture (eight books, 1537–75). Intended as an illustrated handbook for architects, the volumes, separately published, were highly influential in France, the Netherlands, and England as a conveyor of the Italian Renaissance style; the treatise was also an influence in theatrical scene design and stage lightingscene design and stage lighting,
settings and illumination designed for theatrical productions.

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. An early manuscript of it is preserved in the Avery Architectural Library, Columbia.

Serlio, Sebastiano


Born Sept. 6, 1475, in Bologna: died 1554 in Fontainebleau. Italian architectural theorist.

During the first stage of his career, from 1511 to 1514, Serlio was a master of perspective painting. He studied architecture under B. Peruzzi in Rome from 1514 to approximately 1527 and also worked in Pesaro and Venice and, beginning in 1541, in France. Serlio wrote a treatise on geometry, perspective, and classical and modern buildings and columns. The work, published serially from 1537 to 1575, became well known throughout Europe. The separate books were brought together in a Venetian edition entitled Architecture (1584). Serlio’s treatise influenced the development of Renaissance and early classical architecture in France, the Netherlands, and Germany.


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