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A rock composed almost entirely of serpentine minerals. Also known as serpentine rock.



(also serpentine rock), a metamorphic rock formed as a result of the serpentinization of ultrabasic rocks and consisting of minerals of the serpentine group. Serpentinite is used as a construction material, in particular, as a facing material; translucent varieties of serpentinite (ophicalcite) are used in industry. Serpentinite occurs in ophiolite zones.

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Instead, this can be associated with the hydration of mantle rocks above the descending plate, changing peridotite to serpentinite instead (Figure 7).
The UCS and UTS values for clinopyroxenite and serpentinite falls in category of strong rocks while hornblendite and garnet granulite sample shows relatively weak character.
Previous test results showed that soft fillings, such as Green mudstone, serpentinite, and clay, will significantly reduce the shear strength of infilled joints [8], while the high-strength fillings, such as mortar and concrete, enhance the shear strength [6].
Gabal El-Rubshi area is made up of serpentinite (Ser) and associated derivatives, arc volcaniclastic metasediments (Ms), metagabbro-diorite complex (mGb-D), older granites (Og), and pyroxenites (Py).
[12] examined four serpentinite bodies in Sri Lanka in order to assess the bioavailability fraction and the results revealed that bioavailability fraction of Ni and Mn was ranged between 33 to 323 mg [kg.sup.-1] and 11 to 76 mg [kg.sup.-1], respectively.
Instead, thermal modeling revealed a wedge of a rock called serpentinite that's too cool to be a volcano's source of heat, the researchers report November 1 in Nature Communications.
It could be an alteration front as Hess said"--the limit of where seawater percolates down, reacts with peridotite in the mantle, and changes it into a less dense rock called hydrated serpentinite.
The beach is about 1200 m long and includes areas of sandy beach, cobble/boulder beach and intertidal rock platform with an underlying geology of serpentinite, basalt and dolerite (Och et al.
Helena, Calif., vineyard The vineyard block used in this study has Boomer-Forward-Felta rocky loam soils on 30% to 50% slopes underlain by Franciscan melange (includes greywacke, chert, serpentinite and greenstone).