Serratia Marcescens

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Serratia marcescens

[sə‚rā·shē·ə mär′ses·əns]
A human pathogen that is intrinsically resistant to many antimicrobials (for example, cephalosporins, polymyxins, and nitrofurans) and occurs predominantly in hospitalized patients.

Serratia Marcescens


a species of bacteria among the pigmented microorganisms. The gram-negative, motile, peritrichous, nonspore-forming bacilli are 0.6–1.0 micrometer long and 0.5 micrometer wide. According to metabolism, the bacteria are facultatively anaerobic. On an agar surface they form smooth or grainy dark and bright red columns with a metallic shine. Serratiamarcescens live in the soil, in water, and in foodstuffs. The bacteria develop in milk and on bread when there is increased moisture. The milk and bread turn reddish and may not be sold. The bacteria are a potential pathogen for animals and man and can cause suppuration.

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We identified a small increase in Serratia marcescen colonisation cases in July and we have been closely monitoring all colonisation cases.
In the current study, the inhibitory effect of oyster pallial cavity fluid on Gram-negative Serratia marcescens and Serratia marcescens is reported.
Se evaluo la actividad antimicrobiana de los hidrolizados de las caseinas de distinto origen y se encontro que los hidrolizados producian algun efecto inhibitorio de la multiplicacion celular en las cepas de Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Serratia marcescens y Pseudomona fluorescens.
1% formic acid S Bacterial sample Serratia marcescens Letter Abbreviation Purpose(s) A Lyses cells B pH buffer Eases gel loading Destroys secondary and tertiary structures Tracks the progress of the gel run Breaks disulfide bonds C Digests gel and dries it out D Digestive enzyme E Digests gel and dries it out pH buffer F pH buffer G Digests gel and dries it out Helps remove peptides from gel S Organism lysed Table 3.
Sequence analysis at the Bio Informatic Bacterial Identification (BIBI) website showed a positive identification within the species Serratia marcescens, with 99% identity with the reported FJ360759.
Signaling-mediated cross-talk modulates swarming and biofilm formation in a coral pathogen Serratia marcescens.
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Ten other tots carrying serratia marcescens at the hospital were yesterday doing well.
Prodigiosin is a tripyrrole first characterized from Serratia marcescens, which forms beautiful pillar box red colonies and S.
An ICU patient at Texas Children's Hospital comes down with a serious hospital-acquired Serratia marcescens infection shortly after another patient with the same condition is transferred to the room next door.
Answer: The pink tint, says the Eugene Water & Electric Board, is caused by a bacteria known as serratia marcescens.