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Greece: see SérraiSérrai
, Siris
, or Serres
, Lat. Serrae or Serrhae, city (1991 pop. 50,390), capital of Sérrai prefecture, NE Greece, in Macedonia. It is a trade center for tobacco, grain, and livestock.
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After she taught one of her students how to crochet one day, the boy's younger brother asked Serres to crochet him a taco.
Eventually, Serres went down the aisle of the bus and took requests from all 34 of her passengers.
Enhanced with the inclusion of a fourteen page listing of References and a two page Index, "The Encyclopedic Philosophy of Michel Serres" is a seminal and insightful work of simply outstanding scholarship and very highly recommended for college and university library Contemporary Philosophy collections in general, and Michel Serres supplemental studies reading lists in particular.
According to Serres, a philosopher is someone who tries to anticipate the future directions that a particular phenomenon might assume based upon the current trajectory of human civilization.
The Serres liquid handling systems are significantly more eco-friendly and efficient than competing products on the market.
Following a six-month demonstration period, Serres Toundra has agreed to buy the captured CO2 for a period of ten years thereafter, and under the terms of the agreement, CO2 Solutions expects to realize revenues of about CAD400,000 annually from the sale of captured CO2 and associated carbon credits.
After more than 25 years of success in the EU and the rest of the world, Serres brings its patented single-connection design solution to the U.
En revanche, des dommages considerables ont atteint les serres et provoque la destruction d'environ 300 baches en plastique.
The festival will start with Michelin-starred chef Jerome Serres from February 2-4.
Two headless winged sphinxes guarding the entrance of a tomb at the base of a flight of steps were uncovered in Serres in northern Greece, not far from Thessaloniki, during an archaeological excavation.
In the first section, "six events," Serres points out a number of phenomena that have changed drastically in the last century, effectively bringing our prehistoric conditions to a sudden end, and identifies these interrelated dynamics as a source of tension catalyzing the current crisis.