Service Access Point

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Service Access Point

(SAP) The OSI term for the component of a network address which identifies the individual application on a host which is sending or receiving a packet.

TCP/IP's equivalent term is "port".

Different SAPs distinguish between different services or applications on a host, e.g. electronic mail, FTP, HTTP.
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The coordination between the public and private sector under the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion has produced positive results such as the increase in the percentage of municipalities with at least one financial service access point from 88 percent in 2015 to 92 percent in 2017.
While preparing for the acquisition of Pillsbury, the company needed to upgrade its service access point (SAP) software and move from a mainframe to Unix environment.
A service access point (SAP) enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was installed on NT servers at the new warehouse.
I am also on the Emergency Telephone System Board where we have consolidated PSAPs (Public Service Access Points) for the police/fire and 911 calls from approximately 30 PSAPs to 3 PSAPs.

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