service bulletin

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service bulletin (SB)

Advisory notices issued by aircraft, engine, and equipment manufacturers alerting owners and engineers to faults or problems requiring preventive or remedial maintenance, modification, or improvement in product performance. They are often referred to as mandatory by the manufacturer, but they do not have the legal force of airworthiness directives.
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There are over 500 of the original-design universals in the field, and the service bulletin calls for inspecting and lubricating the part every 25 hours.
CARbonga-SRI[c] is an app designed to equip every car owner with all the up-to-date information they need about every Safety Recall Notice and safety related Technical Service Bulletins ever issued by their automobile's manufacturer.
You would think there is a service bulletin or even an AD for this, but there isn't.
Once the fix is certified and the service bulletin is approved, the FAA is likely to revise that airworthiness directive.
In fact, a major power steering pump rebuilder recently issued a service bulletin warning shop owners that using the wrong fluid can destroy a freshly rebuilt pump in as little as 20 minutes.
They can ask the seller if any or all of the recommended work noted in the Technical Service Bulletin has been completed.
As we go to press in early August, Lycoming, field shops and owners were struggling to clarify a service bulletin that requires inspection and possible replacement of connecting rod bushings in hundreds of Lycoming engines.
The engineering services includes Service Bulletin and Airworthiness Directive monitoring, along with development and tracking of required maintenance planning data, and even parts and components adapted to specific customer needs.
According to a dealer service bulletin published by CivicX.
Service Bulletin 1123B gives the service limits to the steering arm's center pivot bushings and center pivot sleeve.
Eurocopter's Service Bulletin teams face the daunting task of creating and maintaining hundreds of impeccably accurate maintenance documents in multiple languages for thousands of customers," said Jake Sorofman, senior vice president of marketing and business development for JustSystems.
Jet Aviation has acquired the necessary tools and training at its Maintenance Center in Basel to perform the Pratt & Whitney (PW) Service Bulletin (SB) calling for replacement of the left and right bevel gear oil shield on PW307A engines.