Service Station, Automotive

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Service Station, Automotive


an enterprise for the maintenance and routine repair of motor vehicles. Automotive service stations are divided into general service stations, which carry out operations on various makes and types of vehicles, and specialized service stations, which service specific vehicle types. Automotive factories often establish their own service stations—automotive service centers—which carry out prescribed preventive maintenance on vehicles produced by the factory, replace parts, and perform warranty repairs, painting, and présale vehicle preparation. The type of service station depends on the station’s location. Roadside stations and stations servicing small population centers are general service stations; stations in large cities are usually specialized.

The capacity of a service station is determined by the number of spaces provided for vehicles. General service stations have areas for specific maintenance and repair operations, such as diagnosis and lubrication, and specialized areas for the repair of parts, fuel systems, and electrical equipment. The maintenance and repair areas are equipped with lifts, assembly and disassembly equipment, and various tool kits. At specialized, usually large-capacity, service stations, the preventive maintenance prescribed by the factory is carried out on production lines, and routine repairs are performed in separate areas or shops.

In the USSR, automotive service stations are constructed according to standard designs that provide six, 11, 15, 25, or 50 work spaces. Stations with six, 11, or 15 work spaces are equipped to perform diagnostic work on only some items. Stations with 25 or 50 work spaces can perform all diagnostic operations and extensive checking of many vehicle systems. Service stations with more than 50 work spaces are constructed according to individual plans and are equipped with several production lines for maintenance work and with specialized shops, such as welding and painting shops, for performing routine repairs. Such stations can also carry out major repairs on automotive systems. Certain service stations have self-service areas, where an owner may repair his own vehicle using equipment provided for him.

In other countries, automotive maintenance is performed chiefly by stations owned by automotive manufacturers.


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