Service Tree

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Service Tree


(also wild service tree; Sorbus torminalis), a tree (height to 25 m) or shrub of the family Rosaceae. Its blossoms are small and white and have corymbose inflorescence. It has a rounded fruit the size of a small cherry, that is yellow brown or red with light spots (lenticels) that gradually become bluish in the autumn. The fruit is tart at first, but it acquires a pleasant taste after a frost. The service tree is widespread in Europe (except in northern regions), North Africa (Algiers), Syria, Iran, and Asia Minor. In The USSR It is found in the western Ukraine, Moldavia, the Crimea, and the Caucasus. The wood of the tree is heavy, fine-grained, and resilient; it polishes well and is highly prized for wood turning and furniture manufacture. It is suitable for planting in protective antierosion and forest belts and is highly prized as a decorative species.


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Humankind calls out for compassion For one's self and then the other The spent perfume of the petals Of the service tree Fall to the forest bottom When earth loses its chill "The last four lines" Marc told him, "sound like the poem that Zen priests wrote just before they died." It was as if George were musing about an eternal spring, with ground soft enough to accept his body, a universe that still had a place for him, even after his death.
And so, as spring rolls around after a bitter winter, I was inspired to call the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx and ask if they knew about the service tree. The Garden arranged for horticulturalist Jessica Schuler, Director of the Thain Family Forest, to meet my wife and me at the reflecting pool the next Saturday.
An avenue of 50 wild service trees will provide an annual flash of red before Remembrance.
Forest Service trees. The permits allow buyers to venture out into select areas of federally owned forest and chop down and bring home their chosen evergreen.
ONCE again I find myself writing on the subject of arboreal destruction, but the Highfield House cedar and the Hall Green Parade service trees pale into insignificance beside the carnage I witnessed in Shirley Park.

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