Service conduit

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Service conduit

A pipe that carries electrical service from the street to the service main in the building.

service pipe

service pipe
1. The section of pipe which connects the public water or gas main to a termination point within a building, such as a meter or trap.
2. In an electric wiring system, the conduit or pipe that contains underground service conductors and extends from the junction with the outside supply wires into the premises of the building served.
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LandBank will be the one to distribute the SURE Aid program by releasing the loans either through direct lending to farmers or through service conduits, while DA will provide the bank with the validated list of farmers eligible for the loan assistance as well as the list of DA-identified service conduits.
Land Bank will administer the P1.5 billion fund, while DA-accredited service conduits will be tapped to disburse loans to eligible beneficiaries particularly in unbanked and unserved areas.
These reduce thermal leakage, retain heat and reduce energy demand and include: 240mm wool insulation built into the closed panels at fabrication stage which provide a highly insulated layer; warm in the winter, cool in the summer Triple glazed argon filled windows to trap natural heat gain and which can be maximised by the orientation of the building Precision engineered joints between building sections which form an airtight bond Service conduits embedded into the build at factory stage so maintaining the integrity of the building fabric The home lends itself to a wide range of architectural styles and building sizes and types - so offering potential to the full extent of the housing market, from starter apartments to luxury family homes.
As in a forest, where the trees would not always stand straight, some of these columns rake, so not only stabilizing the structure but also acting as drainpipes and service conduits to the accommodation above.
Existing steam lines, telephone lines, and electrical service conduits had to be relocated to create the needed room while building operations continued uninterrupted.
Some of the modern service conduits are flexible and will accept the disruption to soil from a tree root.

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