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Informal a police officer who wears a uniform

What does it mean when you dream about a uniform?

Uniformed individuals in dreams can represent authority. Uniforms also symbolize the function of the people who wear them, so that a nurse’s uniform would refer to a medical situation. If one has ever worn a uniform, then that particular uniform could have a wide range of different associations.


An intermediate language developed for reverse engineering both COBOL and Fortran.

["The REDO Compendium", H. van Zuylen ed, Wiley 1993].


Seeing yourself wearing a uniform in a dream suggests that you have identified with a larger group, a movement, or an organization that requires you to conform and carry out its ideology. This may be positive or negative depending on the associations made and the kind of uniform that you are wearing. The issues expressed in this dream might be about self-identity, conformity, or responsibility (duty). The unconscious is pointing to the possibility that your individuality has been covered up and is being unnoticed because you are functioning as a member of a group and not as an individual.
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Official word on the new "Army Service Uniform," or ASU, was released Aug.
Mr Ashby said Jennings was known to the police and fire service in Liverpool after turning up at the scenes of several incidents in the area, sometimes wearing fire service uniform.
Streamlining various service uniforms into one Army service uniform will reduce the burden on Soldiers in the same manner that the Army combat uniform did for the battledress and desert combat uniforms.
Officers say they are already embarassed because some 240 recruits may be patrolling the streets later this year in tracksuits - due to wrangling over the new Northern Ireland Police Service uniform.
NASDAQ:GKSRA) and its subsidiaries are full service uniform rental providers, including the rental of cleanroom garments.
Peter Higham, 29, was found to be wearing a Merseyside Fire and Rescue service uniform and carrying two extendable batons when he was stopped by police on a routine check.
Sailors transitioning to the new service uniform can get smart about its proper wear at Navy Personnel Command's (NPC) homepage, www.
ARMY BLUE as a uniform color traces its origins to the National Blue first worn by Soldiers in the Continental Army of 1779, and it continued to serve as the color for Army dress uniforms even after introduction of the olive drab field service uniform in 1902.
30pm-12am and people attending are asked to wear 1940s style civilian, Allied service uniform or evening dress.
Army service uniforms will be streamlined to one blue Army Service Uniform, the Army announced June 5.
As of July 31, 2008, the new E-1 to E-6 Service Uniform (SU) are available for purchase in Great Lakes, Ill.
And that's what we've done by adopting this blue Army Service Uniform that reflects simplicity, quality, utility and tradition.

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