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Replacement of consumable material or items needed to keep equipment in operating condition; does not include preventive or corrective maintenance.
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a system of technical and organizational measures taken during the operation of engineering equipment to ensure required operational efficiency. Servicing is performed on all engineering equipment, whether in current operation, in storage, being transported, or being prepared for use after storage or transport.

For modern complex equipment, such as motor vehicles and multicomponent machines, a system of unified servicing rules is established, which is given in the corresponding technical documentation. Servicing systems may be divided into two major subsystems: preventive maintenance and repair. The structure of a servicing system takes into account the nature and conditions of operation of a given piece of equipment. It includes a list of preventive maintenance work, the frequency with which such work must be performed, the personnel required, and the tools, materials, and instruments needed. Properly organized servicing lowers operating costs as a result of reductions in the possibilities of a breakdown, expensive unplanned repairs, and the cost of planned repairs. It also increases the service life of equipment.


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If it is not practicable to estimate the fair values of the mortgage servicing rights and the mortgage loans (without the mortgage servicing rights), the entire cost of purchasing or originating the mortgage loans shall be allocated to the mortgage loans (without the mortgage servicing rights) and no cost shall be allocated to the mortgage servicing rights.
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