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Minute living organisms and particles of nonliving matter which float in water and contribute to turbidity.
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minute organisms (plankton) that live in the open sea. Seston also includes inorganic and organic particles (detritus) suspended in water, that is, all material that can be caught in a fine plankton net.

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If present, such a process could be linked to a basic default mechanism wherein most particles are accepted, and changes in seston quality and quantity induce rejection (MacDonald & Ward 1994).
For total suspended matter (TSM, mg [L.sup.-1]), as a measure of seston, 0.2-0.6 L of water was passed through a pre-weighed Whatman GF/F filter.
Seasonal variation in the phytoplankton community, seston and environmental variables during a 2-year period and oyster growth at two mariculture sites, southern Chile.
However, some consultants, including Seston, believe that the treasure hunt experience is not as exciting now as in years past, especially when it comes to Costco's seasonal programs.
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Mandryko et al [2] presents organic-mineral fertilizers containing peat, sapropel, manure, seston, charcoal, brown coal, bone meal and organosilicon compounds.
En lineas generales, los organismos muestran diferencias en su productividad, asociadas principalmente a factores como: la clorofila a, seston organico, temperatura y salinidad [2, 18].
Miss Loram pointed out that according to expert Robert Seston, there was just 1.2 seconds between Clark setting off from the junction and the impact.
Joel Seston Is anyone thinking I wish our prisons were like this, not the luxury hotels with all amenities and entertainment our British prisons s