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a city in Leningrad Oblast, RSFSR, under the jurisdiction of the Leningrad city soviet. Located on the Sestra River Gulf of Finland. Railroad station 34 km northwest of Leningrad. Population, 30,500 (1975).

Sestroretsk arose in 1721 with the founding of an arsenal (now the Sestroretsk Tool Plant). The city has a branch of the Leningrad Vesna Clothing and Knitwear Association and a pedagogical school.

Sestroretsk is a balneological and climatic seaside health resort, located in the Leningrad Health Resort Region. Those who come to the health resort may take advantage of the healthful climate, sea bathing, sandy beaches, pine forests, and Dubki Park. A spring furnishes water for therapeutic bathing and drinking; the chemical composition of the water is

The Sestroretskii Kurort Sanatorium, the Sestroretsk Pension, and three children’s sanatoriums are located in the city. Sestroretsk is open year round.

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The drunk man was claiming that the Kyrgyz citizens will commit a terror attack in Sestroretsk town.
Petersburg municipality of Sestroretsk, said he knew two of the crash victims.
Vedomosti reports today (21 June) that Mostotrest's 51%-subsidiary Engtransstroy (ETS) was chosen to expand the land area of Sestroretsk Island in St Petersburg.
Most of the scores were gathered by Suk during his activity in Sestroretsk between 1905 and 1914, when he conducted his orchestra for the Summer season in this renowned resort on the Gulf of Finland, having contractual opportunity to buy music material for the concerts and keep it afterwards: indeed, in many folders containing orchestral parts belonging to Suk's collection have been found some traces of sand which probably derive from Sestroretsk health resort.
There were rumors of peasants refusing to perform labor service and of workers in the arms factory at Sestroretsk declaring that, as free men, they need no longer work there.
Finnish construction company YIT Corporation said on Monday (4 August) that its subsidiaries YIT Construction Ltd, YIT Environment Ltd and YIT Vatten & Miljoteknik Ab had signed a contract with the Russian water treatment company Vodokanal in St Petersburg to renovate and expand the waste water treatment plant in the city of Sestroretsk.
Russia's three arsenals, Tula, Izhevsk and Sestroretsk, had to be completely reequipped with new machine tools, so an order for 500,000 rifles was placed with Manufacture Nationale d'Armes de Chatellerault in France.
The most famous of these were the armorers of Tula, a regular estate until its abolition in 1864, but there were also workers scattered in other factories like those of Sestroretsk, Izhevsk, and Izhorsk and in Zlatoust, Kazan, Okhta, and the Baltic Shipyard.
He was commissioned an officer in 1907, and between 1908 and 1917 he worked at the Sestroretsk arsenal, where he tested his first self-loading rifle prototypes.