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(Russian, Shiashupe; Polish, Szeszupa), a river that flows in the Lithuanian SSR and Kaliningrad Oblast, RSFSR, and has its source in Poland. A left tributary of the Neman, the Šešupė is 298 km long and drains an area of 6,100 sq km. The river, which rises in the Baltic Ridge, is fed primarily by rain. The mean flow rate 43 km from the mouth is 33.2 cu m per sec. The river freezes over between mid-November and January, and the ice breaks up between late February and early April. Cities on the Šešupė include Kalvarija, Kapsukas, Kudirkos Naumiestis, and Krasnoznamensk.

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The article presents new data on sedimentological structures, which have been discovered at the Ryadino archaeological excavation in the northeast of the Kaliningrad District of Russia (the Sesupe River Valley).
Key words: palaeoseismicity, liquefaction, soft-sediment deformation structures, glacio-isostatic rebound, Sesupe River valley.
The present article provides new data on SSDS demonstrating the liquefaction features, which were identified in the northeast of the Kaliningrad District of Russia (the Sesupe River Valley) during the archaeological excavation of the Ryadino Palaeolithic site in 2009-2010 (Fig.
In Olaus Magnus map of the area of Samogitia only few rivers are depicted: the littoral Sventoji, the Bartuva, the Nemunas and the Sesupe.
In the area of Samogitia we can find rivers Akmena, Dubysa, Nemunas, Nevezis, Sesupe, Sventoji and settlements Betygala, Saukenai, Varniai, Vilkija.
In the Samogitia region we can already find the the Sventoji, Nemunas, Nevezis, Jura, Sesupe rivers as well as such settlements as Varniai (Warna), Sventoji (Heligow), Seredzius (Srednik) Virbalis (Wirfblowo).
Russian secretariat of Euroregion Sesupe, Krasnoznamensk (RUS);
The highest values of groundwater runoff modulus were observed for upland areas, where sand prevails in the Quaternary section and the rugged relief creates favourable conditions for groundwater to discharge into the river network (Merkys, Zeimena and SeSupe, Sventoji and Minija upper reaches).
Sunkiuju metalu poveikis kuojoms ir eseriams Sesupes upeje, is Aplinkos apsaugos inzinerija [Environmental protection engineering]: 10-osios Lietuvos jaunuju mokslininku konferencijos "Mokslas--Lietuvos ateitis" [10th Conference of Junior Researchers Science--Future of Lithuania], ivykusios Vilniuje 2007 m.
Intensyvios zemdirbystes zonoje esanciu upiu baseinai taip pat pasizymi nemenka misko masyvu saskaida (vidutinis atstumas tarp misko masyvu baseinuose siekia atitinkamai--650 m Sesupes baseine ir 520 m Musos baseine).
taciau DLK virsijamos buvo tik pavasari Sesuvio (Juros baseinas), Ventos ir Sesupes upese, kur zemdirbystes plotai uzima daugiau nei 80%.