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offset, 3
offset, 2
1. A horizontal ledge on a wall (or other member or construction), marking a decrease in its thickness above; also called a watertable.
2. A bend in a pipe.
3. A change in the direction of a pipeline (other than 90°), e.g., by a combination of elbows or bends, which brings one section of the pipe out of line with but into a line parallel to another section.
4. A short line perpendicular to a surveyed line, measured to a line
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Of the third variety, account combination--the implied contractual right of a depository bank to set off a current customer debt balance against a reciprocal deposit account balance--is introduced as a contractual set-off prototype, and becomes a key focus of the analytical exercise undertaken in Part IV.
Before divining an answer to the threshold question, I must furnish a brief synopsis of the conceptualization of set-off and its basic doctrinal framework.
Loss on sale of capital assets can only be carried forward and set-off against capital gains made on sale of assets.
After registration of this set-off issue by the Swedish Companies Registrar, the total share capital of the company will reportedly amount to SEK11, 351,170 and the new number of shares outstanding will be 22,702,340
81 and Fabre, a set-off was allowed for the whole of the settlement provided the claims and damages sought from the nonsettling defendants were the same as those sought from the settling defendants.
Prior to the Strumpf decision, most Bankruptcy Courts held that a bank could not put a "hold" or "freeze" on the account in order to preserve the set-off rights pending the bank's request for approval of the set-off from the Bankruptcy Court.
Now, as result of the rights issue, this guarantee has resulted in a set-off of USD8,137,784.
James Cuby, associate at the group, added that the risk of set-off increases over time as the value of the insurance policy increases.
Ian Bell, Senior European Legal Counsel, explains that the issue of set-off arises because a tax asymmetry has made certain types of mortgage very attractive in The Netherlands.
The Company's lenders continue to have the right to use cash balances in the Company's bank accounts to set-off a portion of the debt.
Since the assignments of trade receivables are not perfected against obligors, the deal has a commingling risk as well as a set-off risk.
The provision of set-off cash collateral equal to 0.