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Increased prevalence in winter season could be attributed to two probable reasons; one that cases of ocular setariasis in this part of the country occur only during winter months from November-February and second, that during winter, due to poor blood circulation to peripheral tissues in order to maintain core body temperature, higher threshold of stimulus is required for perception.
09%), prolapse of gland of third eye lid, glaucoma, ocular setariasis and cataract (9.
There are also records of some other mosquito-borne pathogens such as West Nile and Sindbis viruses and diseases like dirofilariasis and setariasis (28-30).
Ocular setariasis is usually treated surgically either by paracentesis (Sreedevi et al.
In India, equine ocular setariasis reported to be the important cause of corneal opacity is commonly caused by Setaria digitata and Setaria equina (Sathu, 1974).