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offset, 3
offset, 2
1. A horizontal ledge on a wall (or other member or construction), marking a decrease in its thickness above; also called a watertable.
2. A bend in a pipe.
3. A change in the direction of a pipeline (other than 90°), e.g., by a combination of elbows or bends, which brings one section of the pipe out of line with but into a line parallel to another section.
4. A short line perpendicular to a surveyed line, measured to a line
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law allows for what most states prohibit--the triangular setoff. (27)
(12) Because "contractual discounts" are considered collateral sources, they are barred from being placed into evidence at trial and are subject to a setoff post-verdict.
The second option is post-verdict setoffs for collateral benefits received.
The Court then turns to the decision of the Court of International Trade that Commerce had both the power and the obligation to make the requested setoffs. The standard of review is that Commerce's determinations of fact must be sustained unless they are unsupported by substantial evidence in the record.
Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit analyzed the IRS' right to setoff in the context of a debtor's bankruptcy proceeding, and came to a decision with significant consequences.
Section 151 protects setoffs against judicial process and, per Aspen, against the restraining notice.
A party is not entitled to any credits or setoffs upon the sale of the marital home unless the parties' settlement agreement, final judgment of dissolution of marriage, or final judgment equitably distributing assets or debts specifically provides that certain credits or setoffs are allowed or given at the time of sale.
multiple defendants concerning contribution and setoffs. It then
Section 553(b) also limits pre-petition setoffs by creating an improvement of position preference-like claim.
While it would seem unreasonable to assume that these will not be made in appropriate circumstances, this possibility could affect the utility of the setoffs incorporated in the penalty calculation.
This allows for setoffs free and clear of any lien.