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offset, 3
offset, 2
1. A horizontal ledge on a wall (or other member or construction), marking a decrease in its thickness above; also called a watertable.
2. A bend in a pipe.
3. A change in the direction of a pipeline (other than 90°), e.g., by a combination of elbows or bends, which brings one section of the pipe out of line with but into a line parallel to another section.
4. A short line perpendicular to a surveyed line, measured to a line
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The Aspen court perhaps stretched Debtor and Creditor Law section 151 to cover setoffs in the face of a restraining notice, (514) but section 151 cannot be made to extend to payments where the creditor chooses to lose rather than use the setoff opportunity.
The issue, then, became whether the contractual discount constitutes a "payment made" on the plaintiff's behalf, and thus a collateral source subject to setoff.
The concern is that where the fact-finder remains uninformed, or there is no collateral source setoff, a successful plaintiff acquires a windfall, being awarded monetary damages in excess of necessary and reasonable medical costs.
A creditor exercising setoff rights can settle up its claim against the debtor by reducing the creditor's obligation to the debtor on a dollar for dollar basis from the creditor's claim against the debtor.
The IRS further asserted that BC section 553 preserved the IRS' right to setoff under IRC section 6402(a).
W]e hold that when an accident victim is covered by more than one insurance policy providing underinsured-motorist coverage, public policy permits only one setoff to that coverage for the amount of workers' compensation benefits received by the insured.
For all three main elements of the new provision, subsection 247(1) contains supporting definitions of relevant terms, notably "arm's length transfer," "transfer price," and various calculation concepts relevant principally to the penalty -- namely, "transfer pricing capital adjustment," "transfer pricing capital setoff adjustment," "transfer pricing income adjustment," and "transfer pricing income setoff adjustment.
Ordinarily, creation of a lien on a debt, contingent or vested, would interfere with the strategy of setoff.
If the marital settlement agreement is silent regarding credits and/or setoffs, then there is no entitlement at the time that the marital home is sold.
applicable setoffs, but the impact of settlement is borne only by the n