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1. the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one and is a prime number
2. a numeral, 7, VII, etc., representing this number
3. the amount or quantity that is one greater than six

What does it mean when you dream about the number seven?

In numerology, seven represents music and psychic abilities. It is also a mystical number; in Hinduism and Christianity it is the number of God.

Nanakusa Matsuri (Seven Herbs or Grasses Festival)

January 7
A Japanese ceremony dating back to the ninth century, also called Wakana-setsu or " Festival of Young Herbs," or Jin-jitsu " Man Day " because it occurs on the zodiacal day for "man." After an offering to the clan deity in the morning, participants partake of nanakusa gayu, a rice gruel seasoned with seven different herbs that is said to have been served for its medicinal value to the young prince of the Emperor Saga (ruled 810-824). The herbs are shepherd's-purse, chickweed, parsley, cottonweed, radish, as well as herbs known as hotoke-no-za and aona in Japanese.
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symbolizes good luck in ancient and modern societies. [World Culture: Jobes, 1421–1422]
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The Seven Deadly Sins that Caspian's party encounters are very real things.
Of course for all of the attention we pay to the seven deadly sins, they cannot hold a candle to the three great virtues.
Dallas Denery's treatment of the ways 13th-century theologians handled the Bible's apparent approval for certain kinds of lies is masterful, and Holly Johnson's study of preaching on the seven deadly sins for Good Friday makes one want to locate some of these sermons for personal edification.
Expertly compiled and edited by Tony Burton, Seven By Seven: Seven Deadly Tales Of The Seven Deadly Sins By Seven Deadly Authors is a 194-page anthology of 49 "flash fiction" pieces contributed by seven gifted writers, each of whose succinct and polished stories feature one of the seven deadly sins.
Audience members will be led through the tunnels of this abandoned military fort to encounter choreographed tableaux vivants that evoke each of the seven deadly sins.
The commentary by Marianne Meed Ward, accusing the Church of being inconsistent, supposedly cracking down on homosexual activity but doing nothing about the seven deadly sins in general, reflected only ignorance and confusion on her part.
In recompense, envy may be the subtlest--perhaps I should say the most insidious--of the seven deadly sins.
Included in the scrum are swatches of decorated paper, cutouts from a throw rug, yawning hippos out of a children's book, FBI "wanted" posters, dice and playing cards on newsprint, and a list of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Drawing from literature as well as traditional sources he traces how the tributaries of the Seven Deadly Sins leach unnoticed into our lives and general culture.
His new book, Skipping Towards Gomorrah: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Pursuit of Happiness in America (Dutton), is a popular antidote to the dour doomsday genre epitomized by Robert Bork's 1997 jeremiad on moral decay, Slouching Towards Gomorrah.