Severance Pay

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Severance Pay


in Soviet labor law the sum of money to be paid in termination of a labor contract in the cases provided for by law. Severance pay in the amount of the average two weeks’ wage is to be paid at termination of the labor contract if termination is caused by conscription or entrance of the worker or employee into military service or by refusal of the worker or employee to be moved to another location together with his enterprise, institution, or organization. Severance pay is also due upon cancellation of the labor contract on the initiative of the administration in the cases of liquidation of the enterprise, institution, or organization; reduction of the staff or of the number of workers; obvious unsuitableness of the worker or employee to fulfill the under-taken service or to perform his work for reasons of insufficient qualification or of health; or reinstatement to the work of a worker or employee who had previously done the work. Severance pay in the above, amount is to be paid also on premature cancellation on the request of the worker under contract for work for a fixed term in connection with violation by the administration of labor legislation or of the collective or individual labor contract. A smaller amount of severance pay is set for seasonal or temporary workers. To persons simultaneously holding several jobs severance pay is due only in case of dismissal from the main duty.

In many cases, such as cancellation of the labor contract on the wish of the worker or violations of labor discipline, no severance pay is due.


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The cost to councils of severance packages range from less than PS20,000 to between PS100,000 and PS150,000.
Marilyn Chambers, a church member, confirmed that a vote on both items was taken, and the severance package passed by a large majority of the 40 or so remaining church members, but she did not know the exact results of the vote.
However, many companies offer severance packages when they lay off workers.
Seek expert advice and counsel as you negotiate for the best severance package.
The goal of this ReedLogic Video Seminar is to provide professionals with essential information on what to know before accepting a severance package, in a video format they can easily watch in 60 minutes.
THE last 450 miners to work on a deep coal pit in Britain will receive severance packages from UK Coal at 12 weeks of average pay, the government has said.
is providing a generous severance package to Douglas Hacker, a longtime member of the company's executive management team who sued UAL in March to recover bonus and incentive payments he claimed he was owed.
In a two-page letter with supporting documents, Stuckey said aides to former Mayor James Hahn had offered him assurances of a longtime job or a substantial severance package when he accepted the job late last year.
Also, a severance package was put together for the staff.
While they didn't offer an explanation for the dismissal, the regents did say the action was taken "with cause," a sure sign they do not want to pay Dobelle a $2 million severance package.
Offer each budgeting leader an immediate one-year salary and benefits severance package if they can conclusively prove to the satisfaction of the remainder of the team that they can eliminate the functions of their position permanently.
The severance package from my former employer stipulated that I would get paid every two weeks for a 13-week period.