Sexual Perversion

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Sexual Perversion


a pathological deviation in sexual desire or in its satisfaction.

Perverted sexual desire may be directed toward a wrong entity, including oneself (autoerotism), individuals of the same sex (homosexuality, both male—including pederasty—and female—lesbianism), minors (pedophilia), blood relatives (incest), animals (zoophilia, bestiality), and dead bodies (necrophilia). Sexual perversion may also be manifested by the desire to wear clothing of the opposite sex (transvestism), to view sexual intercourse or exposed sexual organs (voyeurism), or to expose oneself to persons of the opposite sex (exhibitionism). Sexual perversion may involve a desire for objects—for example, a male may desire a female braid, handkerchief, or slipper—that stimulate the individual sexually (fetishism). In other forms of sexual perversion, sexual satisfaction is achieved only by treating one’s partner violently (sadism) or, conversely, by suffering pain (masochism). Sexual perversions can sometimes occur along with a normal sex life. Sexual perversions should be distinguished from sexual deviations, which are not pathological departures from generally accepted forms of sexual behavior, for example, most cases of masturbation.

Sexual perversions are often situationally caused obsessions whose mechanism of origin is the formation of a conditioned response when sexual excitement coincides with sexually indifferent stimulation (for example, in fetishism, exhibitionism, sadism, or masochism). Early sexual excitability and tendency to form inert conditioned responses are contributing factors to such a perversion. Some cases of male and female homosexuality and of transvestism are ascribed by some to congenital pathology resulting from hereditary causes or to disorders of sexual differentiation of the fetus in the intrauterine period. Sexual perversions may also be caused by certain neural and mental disorders (for example, encephalitis, brain damage, or schizophrenia) and by endocrine and other disorders.

The treatment of sexual perversions depends on the causes. Psychotherapy, hormonal preparations, and neuroleptic agents are used. Proper sex education and a continuous campaign against perverting influences are important for preventing sexual perversions.


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Finally, for assistance in addressing sexual perversion contact a reputable psychologist or clinical sexologist.
Meanwhile at the brothel, The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure, the Chinese resistance mingle with the clientele against a backdrop of every kind of sexual perversion.
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On the one hand it is argued that private acts between adults should not be subject to legal proscription: on the other hand it is argued that homosexual acts are a serious sexual perversion and should not be permitted by the law, even if actual prosecutions are rarely instituted.
Ultimately, priests were relocated into new, unsuspecting parishes where sexual perversion inevitably overwhelmed treatment, morality and legality.
Though this is a fascinating book, complete with accounts of sexual perversion and nineteenth-century potty training practices, it should be taken with more that a grain of salt.
To explore the complex political identities of white working women in San Francisco, this paper turns first to the ways that the white male labor movement conceptualized working women as victims of both sexual perversion and economic competition as a result of the presence of Chinese male immigrant laborers.
It should be remembered that the new saint of the gay movement was a twenty-two-year-old man engaged in sexual perversion who was apparently cruising a bar for the purpose of finding a partner or two to commit vile acts which also violate the laws of nature's god," said the Reverend Ralph Ovadal of Wisconsin Christians United.
Atom Egoyan's characters must engage in acts or lifestyles in environments that are either highly technocratic (Speaking Parts and The Adjuster) or emotionally dysfunctional (Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter): or the next-to-non-narrative scenarios of Eclipse or Crash, where both male and female undertake every possible act of sexual perversion to find themselves in exactly the same spot they were before.
The list is incomplete, but does include the main sexual perversions.
There he wrote Les 120 Journees de Sodome (The 120 DAYS OF SODOM), in which he graphically describes numerous varieties of sexual perversion.