Sexual Reproduction

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sexual reproduction

[′sek·shə·wəl ‚rē·prə′dək·shən]
Reproduction involving the paired union of special cells (gametes) from two individuals.
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Sexual Reproduction


the various types of animal and plant reproduction in which the new organism usually develops from a zygote formed as a result of fertilization, or the fusion of male and female sex cells (gametes). One form of sexual reproduction is parthenogenesis, which is characterized by the development of the new organism from an unfertilized female sex cell. All animal and plant phyla reproduce sexually, although this has not been fully established in bacteria and blue-green algae. The following different types of sexual reproduction and sexual processes are distinguished according to the form, relative size, and mobility of the fusing gametes: isogamy, anisogamy, heterogamy, and oogamy.

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These facts suggested that recruitment for this population occurs mainly through clonal rather than sexual reproduction. It also suggested that this site was not receiving recruits from nearby populations or arriving recruits were not surviving.
For Ambrosia psilostachya, Baptisia australis, Solidago canadensis, and Vernonia baldwinii, most measures of size and sexual reproduction were significantly greater in bison-grazed habitats while vegetative reproduction was not reduced in bison-grazed habitats.
(That's Eve begetting Eve again.) But when food is scarce the organism can opt for sexual reproduction, which--as I told you before--creates novel genetic combinations that may give daughter cells a better chance of surviving in a harsh environment.
Such studies involve investigation into the number of stems bearing perichaetia or perigonia and whether sexual reproduction is taking place, usually evidenced by the presence and number of sporophytes.
With all-males or all-females populations, the energy of the fish is again redirected to growth instead of sexual reproduction. Rafael D.
The parameters of the same biologic attributes as in the sexual reproduction experiment were recorded as described above.
Asexual males then spread the genetic elements for suppressing meiosis, the type of cell division necessary for sexual reproduction, into sexual populations.
Geographical patterns associated with the sexual reproduction of grass lend themselves to conceptualization of processes of urban change beyond local grassrooft.
Seasonal Features and Relationship with Sexual Reproduction. Holothurian asexual reproduction may occur throughout the year with activity varying between populations and seasons.
However, it is also one of the most paradoxical, given the ultimate costs of sexual reproduction (Maynard Smith 1971; Williams 1975; Lloyd 1980; Michod & Levin 1988; Crow 1994; Misevic et al.