SezaI, SamIpasazade

Sezaİ, Samİpasazade


Born 1859 in Constantinople; died Apr. 26, 1936, in Istanbul. Turkish writer.

Sezai worked on various newspapers. He emigrated to Paris in 1901 and returned to his homeland after the Young Turk Revolution of 1908. He served as ambassador in Madrid until 1922.

Sezai first published his works in 1879. His novel An Adventure (1887), which treats social probems, became well known. With the collection Bagatelles (1890), Sezai established the short story as a genre in Turkish literature, following the traditions of Ahmed Midhat, the first Turkish short-story writer. His last collection, İclâl (1924), contains publicistic writings and short stories. Sezai combined elements of romanticism, sentimentalism, and realism in his works.


In Russian translation:
“Kliuchiuk sheiler.” Translated by E. E. Bertel’s. Vostok, 1923, book 3.


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