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a. (in Britain) a police officer ranking between constable and inspector
b. (in the US) a police officer ranking below a captain
3. a court or municipal officer who has ceremonial duties
4. (formerly) a tenant by military service, not of knightly rank



a military rank in the armed forces of the USSR and many other countries. In Russia the rank of sergeant dates from the 17th century in regiments formed on the West European model and in the Russian Army before 1798. In the USSR the ranks of junior sergeant, sergeant, and senior sergeant were introduced in 1940.

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BBC Radio 2 will present two documentary series - Sgt Pepper Forever, presented by Martin Freeman, and Paul Merton On The Beatles.
Sgt Kinder's parents were Samuel and Emiline Kinder .
The six crew members were PO Mervyn Lund (23), Sgt John Cox (24), Sgt Arthur Owen (24), Sgt Alfred Le Poidevin (23), Sgt Frank Walker (30) and Sgt Williams (21).
Maser said Radar was considered a member of the department and the evidence would establish that Sgt.
The lost British crew, as well as Flt Sgt Ellis, included 21-yearold air gunner Sgt John Armstrong Currey, of Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
on behalf of Sgt Nightingale, welcomed his release.
Line 6: Marine Steven Birdsall, Cpl Taniela Tolevu Rogoiruwai, Kingsman Ponipate Tagitaginimoce, Trooper Ashley Smith, Marine Richard Hollington, Marine Paul Warren, L/Cpl Michael Taylor, Sgt Steven Darbyshire, Pte Alex Isaac and Pte Douglas Halliday.
He was honoured at a ceremony in London yesterday, as was his close friend, Staff Sgt Olaf Schmid, who was killed defusing an explosive in Helmand Province last October.
But Sgt McCarthy, who transferred to Cardiff's Roath Police Station in September 2008, denied all three claims in an employment tribunal yesterday and said it was Mrs Kelly who had been aggressive and screamed at her.
SGT Morales pitched right in with the disliked drudgery-type details.
Staff Sgt Powell, 38, from South Wales, and Sgt McLaren were both pronounced dead at the scene.