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Shadow Theater


a type of theatrical performance that tells a story by means of a series of shadows projected on a screen. The shadows are those of flat puppets made from cardboard, leather, or special colored films; the puppets are manipulated by operators using rods or strings attached to the puppets’ joints. The puppets are illuminated from behind and appear as black-and-white or colored silhouettes on the screen.

Shadow theater is most prevalent in Asia and the Near East. It makes use of folklore, the epic, and traditional plots. Subjects drawn from the classical Hindu epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata, are still included in the repertoire of the wandering puppeteers of India and Indonesia. The Indonesian shadow theater is one of the oldest. The performance is under the control of a single person, the dalang, who narrates the events unfolding on the screen to the accompaniment of a gamelan orchestra.

The best-known Soviet shadow plays were created by the artists I. S. Efimov and N. Ia. Efimov in the 1920’s. The Moscow Shadow Theater was founded in 1937.


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Besides the above, the UNFPA GCC also organised a two-day training session on advanced techniques of shadow theatre for Y-PEER Oman, the Youth Peer Education Network in the country, which is a UNFPA supported global network of young people who are civic-minded and volunteer to educate their peers about all social and youth relevant issues.
Manipulate is expressly a "visual theatre festival" with a strong but not exclusive interest in puppets and animation--the 2015 event included three-day professional workshops on contemporary shadow theatre by Italian master Fabrizio Montecchi and on working with objects by Polina Borisova from Russia.
The proposed program aims to effectively use shadow theatre in development of some motor skills and self-esteem in children.
uk SEPTEMBER 20-22: The Derby Fest celebrates with giant seagulls, kangaroos on stilts, shadow theatre and music from New Orleans.
Today, a different form of shadow theatre is being performed on a much larger stage.
A Button Box Shadow Theatre, featuring marionettes and hand and shadow puppets, will present shows throughout the afternoon.
Aladdin is told through giant shadow theatre, a traditional art form centuries old brought into the 21st century with original music by Haviel Perdana.
The train windows offered projections of grainy newsreel footage of the Sino-Japanese War--soldiers marching and waving flags--contrasted with memories of private, domestic moments, recorded in shadow theatre.
Focal points within the festival include a free weekend puppet festival at MAC over the weekend of June 1/2, featuring Turkish company Cengiz Ozek Shadow Theatre in The Magic Tree and The Garbage Monster, and a family day at the Museum of Cannock Chase on June 10.
Nang talung, like all forms of shadow theatre employs a technology of light against shadow.
Whatever the case, while the tradition of shadow theatre may have
For Shakila Nair, the central character of Fiona Cheong's Shadow Theatre, Singapore is the place to which one returns, not necessarily the present, but the place of births and deaths, of beginnings and endings.