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a city under oblast jurisdiction and administrative center of Shadrinsk Raion, Kurgan Oblast, RSFSR. Situated on the left bank of the Iset’ River (Ob’ River basin). Railroad station on the Sverdlovsk-Kurgan line, 146 km northwest of Kurgan. Population, 82,000 (1977).

Shadrinsk produces units for motor vehicles, printing machinery, metal structural units, and reinforced-concrete and keramzit products. The city also has a plant for the repair of metallurgical equipment, a brickyard, a tannery, a brewery, a distillery, and factories for the production of clothing, felt footwear, and leather clothing accessories and footwear. Other enterprises include a meat-and poultry-packing plant, a food-processing combine, and shops servicing the railroad industry.

Shadrinsk has a pedagogical institute and technicums of auto repair, financial studies, industrial pedagogical training, cooperative agriculture, and physical culture. It also has a medical school. The city has a drama theater and a museum of local lore.

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"The company's history began in the small Russian town of Shadrinsk, by a small taxi service, founded by young engineers from Kurgan, specialists in automation of technological processes," says the service site launched in 2003.
SHAAZ is adding a second CuproBraze production line in Shadrinsk, to meet a growing demand for CuproBraze heat exchangers.
"Shadrinsk" is not a name that comes readily to mind when one thinks about the vehicle industry, but this small Siberian town is now home to the most advanced copper radiator and charge air cooler (CAC)--collectively known as "heat exchangers"--production facility in the world.
SHAAZ, a radiator company located in Shadrinsk, recently invested about $12 million in a new CuproBraze heat exchanger facility.