Igor Shafarevich

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Shafarevich, Igor’ Rostislavovich


Born June 3, 1923, in Zhitomir. Soviet mathematician. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958).

Shafarevich graduated from Moscow University in 1940; he joined the university’s teaching staff in 1944 and was appointed a professor in 1953. In 1943 he became associated with the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Shafarevich’s principal works deal with algebra and the theory of algebraic numbers. Shafarevich received the Lenin Prize in 1959.


Teoriia chisel, 2nd ed. Moscow, 1972. (With Z. I. Borevich.)
Osnovy algebraicheskoi geometrii. Moscow, 1972.
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Their result gives an affirmative answer to the Shafarevich conjecture in the function field case (cf.
Shafarevich (1981) denuncio en terminos energicos la falta de causas finales que den sentido a la labor de los matematicos.
Shafarevich considera que la falta de intencionalidad es un problema grave que no se circunscribe solo a las matematicas, sino que afecta tambien a todas las distintas manifestaciones de la cultura (8).
For more on the Inca "primitive socialism," see Baudin 1961 and Shafarevich 1980.
Hersh (1998) recalls that Igor Shafarevich, an algebraic geometer, said that mathematicians do not make mathematics, they are instruments for mathematics to make itself.
The famous result due to Golod and Shafarevich [4] gives a lower bound for the Hilbert series of algebras with n generators and d quadratic relations.
Shafarevich goes on to note the evil that overtook both Germany and China, never mind the Soviet Union, when the state "tried to wrench the people away from religion".
A conjecture of Borevich & Shafarevich says that (11) is a rational function of U.