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a ruler of certain Middle Eastern countries, esp (formerly) Iran



the title of the monarch in several countries of the Middle East and in the Sultanate of Delhi in India. It was first used in the Sassanid state.

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Waris Shah does not spare the greedy business class that worships money.
Shah Deniz gas field is the largest natural gas field in Azerbaijan.
Shah imitates the slurry Connery dialect, reminiscing about Bond movies he watched.
Winning should be a byproduct of that," said Shah, who also brings a defense-first philosophy to the job.
Shah, Rafiq and Hussain, along with the two victims, then drove back to Stockton.
So far I have biked approximately 178,000 kilometers, the equivalent of circling the globe four times," said Shah.
The truth, of course, is that the overthrow of the Shah and his replacement with Khomeini set in motion a tectonic shift of incredible magnitude, and the aftershocks have been rocking the world ever since.
In contrast to Timmerman's apologetics for the Shah, Hiro states that in the first two years after the Shah's restoration, 5,000 Iranians were killed.
There have been a couple of my patients that have gone on to get library cards,'' Shah said.
Reza Shah (1878-1944), who was the father of the last Shah, sympathized with Nazi Germany.
With an eye to clean and livable design and employing the finest materials around, Shah has developed a space that is decidedly modem yet pays homage to the building's sturdy and elegant turn-of-the-century past.