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Iran: see Qa'em ShahrQa'em Shahr
, city (1991 pop. 123,684), Mazandaran prov., N Iran. Manufactures include textiles and food products; a thermal power plant is there. It is a road and rail transport center. The city was formerly called Shahi.
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a city in northern Iran, in the ostan (province) of Mazanderan; situated in the northern foothills of the Elburz Mountains. Population, 42,000 (1975). Shahi is a highway junction, and it has a station on the Bandar-e Shah-Tehran railroad line. The city is a center of the textile industry; the production of cotton fabric and sacking is of particular importance. Other industrial activity includes food processing.

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From 132 KV Shahi Bagh Grid Station on 29th November from 8 am to 2 pm, the consumers of 11 KV Latifabad feeders will face inconvenience due to suspension of power supply.
Imran Khan is not imam of Shahi Masjid New Delhi that Reham Khan's recent statements will do any harm to him.
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Cirrus Logic is a leader in the DVD recorder chip market and an excellent partner to help meet the demand for next-generation DivX-certified consumer electronics devices," said Shahi Granem, president of DivXNetworks.
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The parliamentarians including senator Talha Mehmood, Nabeel Gabol, Rashid Godel, Shahi Syed and others said parliament lodges remain no more a place to live in because it has turned into epicentre of mysterious activities which are in every term unethical.
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Shahi has been dedicated to understanding market dynamics and is well known in the biotechnology sector.
Of the lamb offerings here, the two best are the shahi korma ($8.
The base at Khost, in eastern Afghanistan, is not far from mountains around the Shahi Kot Valley where the US claims it killed hundreds of Taliban in a huge offensive.
Rajeev Raj Shahi, a son-in-law of the dead king's youngest brother and an army doctor, stated flatly at a press conference, ''He (the crown prince) is a murderer.