Shalaurov, Nikita

Shalaurov, Nikita Pavlovich


Date of birth unknown; died 1764. Russian trader.

From 1760 to 1762, Shalaurov and I. Bakhov journeyed down the Lena River and sailed along the seacoast, stopping for the winters, to Chaun Bay, which Shalaurov became the first to explore. He charted the coast from the Kolyma River to Chaun Bay. In 1764, Shalaurov, traveling alone, rounded Cape Shelagskii. He perished near the mouth of the Verkun’ River. The following have been named in honor of Shalaurov: islands in Chaun Bay and the mouth of the Kolyma, a cape on the Novosibirskie Islands, Cape Shalaurova Izba, and a mountain east of Chaun Bay.


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