(also Shamkur, Shamkir), a city and the administrative center of Shamkhor Raion, Azerbaijan SSR. Located on the Tbilisi-Evlakh highway, 4 km from the Dolliar railroad station. Population, 21,000 (1974).

An ancient city, Shamkhor was captured in the seventh century by the Arabs. It later fell under the sway of the emirs of Gandzha (now Kirovabad), who belonged to the Shaddadid dynasty. The Mongol Tatars destroyed Shamkhor in 1235. The Kizilbash rulers controlled the city during the 16th and 17th centuries. The city became part of Russia in 1803.

Shamkhor has a brandy distillery, a winery, and a combine of local industry; a museum of local lore is located in the city.


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Sumgait were followed by similar atrocities against Armenians in Baku, Gyanja, Shamkhor and other towns of the republic.
population the way it did in Sumgait, Shamkhor, Baku, Maragha, Kirovabad, Khanlar, etc.