Shaped Glass

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Glass, Shaped


a large glass item used in construction and made from colorless or colored glass by a process of continuous rolling. Shaped glass can have a boxlike or channeled cross section and a smooth, grooved, or patterned surface. The glass is sometimes reinforced with wire netting. In the USSR, the maximum length of shaped glass with a boxlike cross section is 5 m and with a channeled cross section is 7 m. Shaped glass is used in fashioning translucent enclosed areas in buildings and other structures.

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The more sophisticated wine drinker likes their larger, tulip shaped glass for a wee swirl.
Shaped glass in beautiful colours is combined with delicate glass painting.
"To achieve this we shaped glass chandeliers creating crustacean forms and aquatic like movements combining with natural stones and timber wrapped walls simulating maritime themes, resulting in a natural stylish and warm interior playing backdrop to the beautiful patrons of the Middle East," said David Tokiwa, Managing Director of DBTA International.
On a purely visual level, the distorted refractions that the shaped glass produces in conjunction with the surface beneath are rather lovely.
The beverage has a unique shaped glass bottle, and labels by Spear.
More than 12,500 individually shaped glass panels have been installed on Capital Gate's faade in a complex engineering feat which has taken Adnec and its construction partners ten months to complete.
Similarly shaped glass storage pieces and drinkware are also part of the collection.
The oval shaped glass body of the HSR-0025 measures 4.06 mm X 1.22 mm X 0.89 mm.
In fact, a conservatory incorporates custom-made materials and high-quality craftsmanship, such as shaped glass, curved woods, humidity-proof windows, airtight joints and elegant embellishments.
said: "The gravure printed high shrink PVC sleeves feature metallic inks to reflect the exclusive craftsmanship of the Imperial Feberge style designs and the traditional Babushka Doll contours of the egg shaped glass jars."
* Schnaps should be served at 59-68 degrees in a tulip shaped glass.