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In the Sassanid state:

Shapur I. Died 272. King from 239 or 241.

Shapur I conquered vast territories and thus continued the efforts of his father, Ardashir I, to strengthen and expand the state. He defeated the Roman emperor Valerian near Edessa in 260 and took the emperor and most of his army captive. During Shapur I’s reign, numerous irrigation and construction projects were carried out in Persia, and many cities were founded.

Shapur II. Died 379. King from 309.

Shapur II’s wars with Rome resulted in a considerable expansion of the Sassanid state. The king founded a number of cities. Beginning in about 339, Shapur II’s reign saw widespread persecution of the Christians, whose religion was becoming the official faith of the Roman Empire.

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Using Persian and Roman names in inscriptions, is an indication of the relationship of that strong government by Arab emir that seems those relationships are more related to the peace between the Sassanid--After the war contract of Nisibis 298 AD--until the recent attacks against Arabs, Iranians have been led by Shapur II [10].
But if the lovers' relationship left me cold, that of Zairos and his grandfather Shapur had warm and confident overtones.
He implied he had gone to end things with Shapur and appeared very emotional about the loss, praising her repeatedly.
Although the funding for Hope of Mother projects comes from Walis international fund-raising efforts, the Nangarhar Provincial Reconstruction Team assists with reconstruction projects, such as drinking wells, in Sham Shapur, and provides school supplies to the Hope of Mother students, while developing a relationship with the school and village.
Michael Roberts Phil Fiz Shapur The phenomenon lives on in "Call Me Merman," a surprisingly satisfying celebration of La Merm that canters through the Broadway legend's greatest hits while offering Angela Richards a gutsy acting-singing showcase, which the vet English performer seizes with gusto.
Common to many of the excavations is a tell-tale layer of charcoal that probably results from the sack of the city by Shapur I in AD 253-256.
In the reliefs depicting the coronation of Ardashir I and Shapur I, Ahriman is seen as the enemy of the mounted kings; the kings are represented by Ahuramazda himself.
The provincial branch of the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) issued a license allowing construction of houses covering 40,000 square meters within the protected national heritage site of Jondi Shapur.
Shapur speaks English, Portuguese and Chinese, Terra Argentina reports.
Another bas relief portrays Bahram, a son of Shapur I.
Iranian cultural officials are planning to restore the nearly 23-foot-tall statue of the Sassanid King Shapur I in the southern province of Fars.