sonchus asper

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sow thistle

sow thistle

Somewhat similar leaves to dandelion, the main distinction being a fat triangle on the leaf tips, more aggressive jagged leaves and a tall stem with sharp jagged leaves randomly growing all the way up the stem, which can have multiple yellow flower heads on top, similar to dandelions. Can grow taller than a person. Leaves sometimes seem to have a white powder on them. The main stem is a large hollow 5-sided shaft with milky white sap. The spiny version is much more aggressive looking with wild spiny edges. Young leaves can be eaten raw in salad, but when they get older and more aggressive, then best in smoothies or softened by steaming or cooking. Leaf tea used to calm nerves and relax. Root tea used for lung conditions like bronchitis, asthma, cough. The white stem latex said to be used for eye infections, skin cancer, warts, moles.
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