Shasenem and Garib

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Shasenem and Garib


a Turkmen folk dastan. The legend of the love between Garib and Shasenem dates toithe third story of the ancient Ghuz epos Kitab-i dede Qorqut. The events in the dastan take place during the Safavid era (1502–1736). Several versions of Shasenem and Garib have been circulated in Turkmenia. The version Khelalay and Garib is quite distinctive. Thematically, Shasenem and Garib is similar to the Azerbaijani and Turkish dastans entitled Ashuk Garib, which became well known to Russian readers in M. Iu. Lermontov’s Ashik Kerib (1837, published 1846), which is presented as a Turkish fairy tale. The plot of Shasenem and Garib was the basis for an opera of the same name by A. G. Shaposhnikov and D. Ovezov, staged in 1944 at the Turkmen Theater of Opera and Ballet.


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