Shatlyk Gas-Condensate Deposit

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Shatlyk Gas-Condensate Deposit


a deposit in the eastern part of the Turkmen SSR. Geologically, the Shatlyk deposit is located in an epiplatform region, with a Paleozoic basement and a Mesozoic and Cenozoic sedimentary mantle. It is confined to the Shekhitli-Dzhudzhuklin anticlinal fold, composed of sedimentary rocks ranging in age from the Jurassic to the Anthropogene.

Exploratory drilling was begun in 1967, and the pool of gas condensate in the Shatlyk horizon (the upper part of the Karabilian suite of the Upper Jurassic) was discovered in 1968. Exploitation of the deposit, which occupies an area of 615 sq km, was begun in the period 1973–75.

The Karabilian suite at the Shatlyk gas-condensate deposit has an estimated reserve of about 500–600 billion cu m of gas. The gas density is 0.588 g/cm3. The methane content reaches 92–96 percent, with 2–3 percent heavy hydrocarbons. The initial content of stable condensate is 13.3 g/m3; the condensate has a density of 0.790 g/cm3. The daily extraction of gas amounts to about 90 million cum (1976).

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