Dunmore's War

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Dunmore's War:

see Dunmore, John Murray, 4th earl ofDunmore, John Murray, 4th earl of,
1732–1809, British colonial governor of Virginia, a Scottish peer. Appointed governor of New York in 1770, he remained there for about 11 months before being transferred to
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Immediately they faced the threat of Shawnee war parties from north of the Ohio River in the ancestral Shawnee towns of Piqua and Chillicothe.
Two distinctly different origins have been ascribed to the great Shawnee war chief Blue Jacket who played a pivotal role in the early history of southwestern Ohio.
Aside from cultural collisions, Hurt also devotes a considerable portion of his study to illustration of the steady progression of white settlement in Ohio (though temporarily interrupted in 1811 by Indian uprisings, which were led by the Shawnee war leader, Tecumseh, and his brother, the spiritual prophet, known as Tenskwatawa).
William Henry Harrison's army in northern Ohio (summer 1813); his charge at the battle of the Thames--where he was wounded--won the day for the Americans (October 5, 1813); he is sometimes credited with killing the great Shawnee war chief Tecumseh in that battle; elected to the U.
Shawnee war parties lead and supplied by the British attacked Kentucky settlements the entire eight years of the American Revolution.