shear center

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shear center

[′shir ‚sen·tər]

Shear center

A point on a line parallel to the axis of a beam through which any transverse force must be applied to avoid twisting of the section. A beam section will rotate when the resultant of the internal shearing forces is not collinear with the externally applied force. The shear center may be determined by locating the line of action of the resultant of the internal shear forces. A rolled wide flange beam section has two axes of symmetry, and therefore the shear center coincides with the geometric center or centroid of the section. When such a beam member is loaded transversely in the plane of the axes, it will bend without twisting. See Loads, transverse

shear center, center of twist, flexural center

Of any cross section of a beam, that point in the plane of the cross section through which a transverse load must be applied in order that there will be only bending of the section and no twisting.